matrimonial detectives in Pune

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matrimonial detectives in Pune

Matrimonial detectives in Pune

Post matrimonial investigations services in Pune are undertaken to either confirm or eliminate a doubt arising regarding a spouse or partner's behaviour. Discreet investigation conducted for the client will clear misunderstandings about a spouse suspected of having extra marital relationships. Strict surveillance methods and undercover operations undertaken post matrimony by expert detectives prevent false accusations which will break a marriage and helps confirm or clear the doubt about a partner. Post Matrimonial Detective investigations services include documentation of all places visited and identification of all people met by the spouse besides also the provision of video and photos of them. The investigation report may include a video documentation to support the investigation results also. Post matrimonial investigation services also encompass presentation of evidence and testifying in a court if required when the doubts and charges are proved true and infidelity is confirmed. Child Custody Disputes - The services rendered also include child custody investigations to settle child custody disputes. Investigators will shadow the ex-spouse during a scheduled visit with the child/children to detect improper behaviour which may indirectly affect the child. The investigator if required can conduct a background check and find the living conditions, activities and lifestyle of people that the ex-spouse meets often or is involved with to ensure safety of the child/children. The investigation report drawn by post matrimonial investigation service providers may include video documentation to prove unethical behaviour and the conditions to which the child is exposed which will help the client get custody rights. Agents placed across the globe help decipher the truth and help the client to either file for divorce or apply for child custody, armed with refutable evidence collected by fool-proof methods by expert, experienced investigators. Assistance to legal representatives of the case is also assured.

matrimonial detectives in Pune

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